Karla’s Growth


This is my very first post in 2018 for this blog. And I sadly realized that I have not updated this blog for a year. The reason is still the same and so classic. My bad english skill is a barrier for me, considering my desire to write in english on this blog.

In fact, practise makes perfect, no?When will I be good in english if I never practice? So, I think I have to push myself and my limit for this. And joining again to weekly photo challenge by wordpress, can be a good idea for me I think. That way, I have a reason to keep updating blogs every week, while practicing language skills as well as photography.

Anyway, the theme of weekly photo challenge for this week is about growth. Maybe this pictures can fit for the challenge.

Newborn photography_topdown poseThe pictures is about Karla, my daughter. My sunshine, my moon, my rainbow. The sugar to my cup of tea, and became a complement to my happiness after 3 sons in a row. And it became a big reason for me to learn baby photography. I was so excited!

PicsArt_12-29-11.09.36She was born with less than 3 kilograms weight. So small and weak. But if I remember her long journey during in my womb for 41 weeks, I realized that she has experienced the amazing growth.

At the first time I took her pictures, especially for the very tricky pose, I was very careful and her dad too as my assistant.

But look at her now… Look at her chubby cheeks!

Baby girlOh, she’s 3 months old now and growing fastly. Xoxo

12 Comments Add yours

  1. Nova DW says:

    Karla is a cute baby girl. Everybody knows, right? Love you, dear ^^

  2. Deddy Huang says:

    gak sabar jumpa karla lagi..

  3. duniabiza says:

    Wohooo.. time flies so fast ya mba Noe.. and look, Karla! What a beautiful girl. She is so cute and chubby… where is your red skin dear? None. There are only a beautiful lady now. 🙂

  4. tutyqueen says:

    Hi Karla you are so cute

  5. glendaphua says:

    Great post and pic! 🙂 Your command of language seems perfect

  6. Atiqo says:

    The cutest baby that I ever seen. Love it.

  7. Annisa says:

    So cute baby. I love so much this photography style.

  8. Mabel Kwong says:

    Karla looks like such a ray of sunshine indeed. Doesn’t really matter if you haven’t blogged in about a year…most important is your wellbeing and happiness, and looks like you were living life in the real world. Wishing you well for the year ahead. Always another time to improve another language 🙂

  9. Karla its’ look so chubby and so lovely :p

  10. Maya Siswadi says:

    Karla is chubby now. Is it more difficult or more easy to take a photo shoot now?

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