Broken Ropes


broken ropes.jpg

Can you see that at first this is the ropes? Ropes made of lines that are smaller size, and then it was twisted together, forming a strong rope.

Seeing this, I was reminded of a broken friendship. Remembering how someone used to be so close as a best friend, be the one who always there, and support each other. But once it has broken, everythings will never be the same again.

Well, some friends come into our life for a reasons, others come for a season, or maybe a lifetime.

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  1. Yuk saling memaafkan meskipun masih adadongkol hahaha

  2. Forgiven but not forgoten ya mba,,,hmmm tapi kalo ud minta maaf, saya tuh gk tegaaa biasnya, Tuhan aja mau memaafkan hambaNya.

    Am I too naive? 😀

  3. Sukaaaa banget dg tulisan singkatnya, dek Noe. Mantap dan mengena banget… pas banget menganalogikan persahabatan.

  4. Prior-01 says:

    Great analogy Noe! And sad, but so true when friendships part ways – although I have a few that I am glad ended – like one family we hung out with because they had boys similar ages – it was fun at first, but realized we had less chemistry with the parents and so parting ways was maybe a year too late – but getting back to the post – this was short and succinct!

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