weekly Photo Challenge: Achievement



I wanna write a little funny story about the photo above. One day in a sunny day, I watched race that followed by kids. They had to run while leading a tire to the finish line. A few meters before the finish line, a participant who led in the race, tried to look back through right side and found the rivals lagged far behind. He held up his hands as a celebration of victory achievement, although not yet reached the finish line. He was not aware that on the left side there was a rival who nearly chasing.


Weekly Photo Challenge: Achievement

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  1. beautiful black n white

  2. What was the result? Did this happy boy win?

    1. noe says:

      Mak Evi, yes this happy boy won the race 😀 fortunately

  3. prior says:

    I really love the shot- and not sure what tone it is – looks like a miix of sepia and B & W?
    anyhow, cute story – and we have seen football games recently where players run and run – and then put their arms up to celebrate – and then accidentally drop the ball and MISS making the touchdown by inches. So that early celebration cane be costly…

    anyhow, back to your photo – before I read the story – I just loved the action feel of the arms up – the legs on the runner to the right – and then all that sand (or dirt) we get int he foreground and between runners – all toppped off with the wonderful smaller images of other runners and the parents at the playground – beautiful take on the wpc 🙂 ❤

    1. noe says:

      Thank you for comenting Yvette. let’s go back into the day when i took this photo. I have no any good camera to shoot with sport mode, so i got an unfocus/unsharp image. that is why i edit the photo become black & white. I am not sure about sepia 😀

      This race

      1. prior says:

        yeah, it does look more black and white – but at first I felt a bit of that sepia tone but I can see it is more B & W – and this is a very wonderful “people and life” shot – with the simple feel of not tech and joy – loved it very much Noe 🙂 ❤

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