Weekly Photo Challenge: Refraction

It’s rather difficult for me to answer the challenge of refraction. Maybe because I do not know much about photography. I tried blogwalking to some blogs that follow the challenge this week by The Daily Post, before finally dared to make this blog post.


It’s a meeting room at Google Office in Indonesia. I visited here last February. I love the atmosphere of this room. It has comfortable interior design. The light was rather dim because the lights covered with colored glass. Then the light is refracted by the glass and forming a pattern on the wall, and also wooden table.


Last September I went traveling to Selayar Islands, and I spent one day to explore the beach in the west coast of Gusung Island. On the boat when I was on my way to the island, I took this photo. The ​​water was very clear so the under water is visible from above. The ocean waves refract sunlight so that it appears patterns lines of light in it.


This photo is also taken on the ship. Hope you enjoy it!


15 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Refraction

  1. The Google office looks very stylish! I remember seeing that a few months back on your blog 🙂 That looks like one comfortable sofa. I hope you made yourself at home. You are right – the water is very clear. Clearer than that here in Australia 🙂

    • Haha… yea I wish that confortable sofa are inside my little house.
      Some crowded place here are also has bad water, thats why I always feels happy when go traveling and find the clear water. I think, in Autralia is same with here. There are very clear water in other place, right?

      • You’re right. The rivers in Melbourne’s city are very grey, probably from all the city sewer waters or something. The beaches tend to have clearer waters, though sometimes they are grey too. Our taps have very clear waters, safe to drink direct from the tap 🙂 When I visited Jakarta, I was always told to drink bottled water.

      • Waw, when you were in in jakarta? I guess we haven’t known each other, right. Hope you come again here so we I can give you red carpet 😉

      • I like your “waw”. I might steal that 😀 I visited Jakarta twice, each time for about three weeks. That was around 2009-2010, quite a while back but I remember it like it was yesterday. LOL, I don’t need red carpet treatment, though that will be nice. Thank you, Noe 😉

    • Hie Nice Gardener 😉 so glad to see you again. Hmm… when I trid blog walking, I was confused becase many photo of reflection is used to meet this week challenge. O, what’s the difference between refraction and reflection. It’s still a mistery for me. Haha

  2. I also love the last one – but each one is cool and adds a nice touch – and the meeting room has a nice design to it 🙂 great shots for the wpc 🙂

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