Contrast at Point of View

Life is heavy for some people, but simply happy for another.


I was on my way to Cu Chi Tunnel from Ho Chi Minh City by public transport last April 2014. On the bus, I sat at the opposite a man and his cute little girl. She looked so happy and excited. She almost couldn’t stop raving about anything. But her father only occasionaly respon. 

I couldn’t refrain my self to not took this fascinating view. I hope those Vietnamese won’t angry me because I have photographed them in silence. I hope.

At the image, they look like seeing at the same thing, but their expression is so different. It makes me wanna go back into the kids. A time when life is just to be happy, without thinking of many thing that are complicated.


This post is linked to weekly photo challenge for the tame of this week; CONTRASTS.


11 thoughts on “Contrast at Point of View

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  2. Beautiful capture, and very sensitive interpretation – I thought the same when I saw it… their expressions really contrast with one another. The little girl looks like a treasure that her father is not fully appreciating because he’s got other worries reflected in his eyes. Being able to appreciate a moment for what it is – without worry about past or future – is a great gift.

    • Hi Nicole, so glad to have your comment here.
      I think so, it also teach me to appreciate what my sons has did, to fill our time with love and happines.
      There were always something to learn about life everytime I go traveling, thats why i love and addicted. 😀

  3. great photo – and they do have contrasting expressions – and the photo also has such a rich culture feel. enjoyed this for the WPC!

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