Waiting Room


Let’s call it waiting room. Located behind the receiptionist area at Indonesia Google Office. It’s a corridor that connect the pantry and conference room, but setted beautifully. When I visited here, the receiptionist let me wait at this room until the staff picked me up and took me to the conference room where the door is at the end of the corridor. The office was in the 17th floor, and while I was waiting for, I saw the view of Jakarta from above. So no  more ‘waiting is boring’ 😀


This post is linked to weekly photo challenge for this week theme; Room.


6 thoughts on “Waiting Room

    • They have no coffee machine, but yeah.. the pantry is beside the waitin room. We’ll not only get some coffee or snack right there, but also the food for lunch which it cooked by a profesional cheff. And I guess you’ll love a cooler box at the corner of pantry like I did. That box were full of barious drink and cakes 😀

      • Aww, no coffee machine! Then you’ll have to make your coffee by hand 😀 At least there are free snacks and wow, professional chef cooks food for you there. And cakes too. What a great workplace!

      • Reallu great workplace indeed. Next post, I’ll let you see the pantry room and also the menu board 😀

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