[WPC] Show me the way

wpid-dsc00557_1.jpgThat coral red painted building is Christ Churh, the oldest functioning protestant church in Malacca – Malaysia. It’s the oldest surviving Dutch church building that reminds people of their presence in Malacca centuries ago. Construction began in 1941 and it was completed in 1953.

Beside Christ Church’s which it’s located at the heart of Malacca Old Town, there were Stadhuys. It’s also the oldest remaining Dutch historical building. Originaly built as the official house of Dutch governor, then converted into history musem in 1982.

Christ Church, Stadhuys, and other historical building around Dutch square are historical landmark that couldn’t be missed by tourist or traveler while they’re in Malacca.


But in fact, there are other attractive thing around there that can make tourist or traveler fall in love with this old town. From the images that I took last April 2014 while I traveled in Malacca, we can see many of colorful decorated trishaw, which it’s called ‘becak’. The drivers sat around the church and Stadhuys, and offering their services to everyone who crossing the way.

Yes they are friendly and knoeledgable, once we have a deal with them, they’ll take us sightseeing to many more attractive place around Malacca. But if you don’t want to use their service, ask for the direction to them is not a good idea I think 😀


This post is linked to weekly photo challenge for this week theme; Split-Second Story

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