HDR Experiment for Sunrise



As usual, I cannot ever resist to capture the beautiful sunrise. I love the color of sky and clouds when the sun is raising. Impressive reddish! But unfortunatelly there are much clouds this morning, so I can’t see the perfect round of sun. Feels like I wanna fly and remove the clouds. lol 😆


A munites before going to work by bus, I take the image with my smartphone. I know the result won’t be good. But sure photo editor can make it batter then. 😀

I use snapseed photo editor, crop the image with ‘din’ scale, then combined  HDR and Dramatic filter. Look like a painting?

2 Comments Add yours

  1. HM Zwan says:

    pilih nomor 1,loh hehehe….aku punya tiga,tapi belum bisa di uploatttttt….eror nih hp 😦

    1. noe says:

      Hehhe… aku jg susaaah td uploadnyaa… ayoo berjuang xixixi

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