Kids Time: After the busy days

Ah, finally I can update my blog again after being busy for a couple weeks. I have to focus on finishing my book script because of the deadline. Now it has done and I’m waiting for a good news from the publisher. Hope it will be published at the next 3 months. Oh, I can’t hardly wait.

So, after being free from that, last sunday I took my kids to visit Rumah Dunia. Rumah Dunia was some place where we can learn many things like writing, painting, theater, or just reading a book at its library. The founder of Rumah Dunia was not only a writer, but also known as a traveler or travel writer.

At Rumah Dunia, my kids used to play at the play ground while I’m in writing class. But last sunday, I just came for meeting some friends, and talk about our book project, so my kids could join in our circle because it’s not a serious meeting. And…like usual, I can’t resist to photograph their cute faces.





Byan, my youngest son. At first he didn’t knew that I made him as the object to shot. But then, he looked at me and smile.




Then Daffa’ entered the frame. Took over the cap, and asked me to shoot. πŸ˜€


This is the other photo of Daffa’. He was reading a poem with my friend. It was the first time for him, and I was surprised when he told me. “Mom, I think I just fall in love with poems. Would you please buy me a poem book?”


19 thoughts on “Kids Time: After the busy days

  1. waaah…looks like twin, even twin t-shirts :D…you’ve been to HRC in Viet Nam? woow…haven’t been there before. Rumah Dunia looks like a great place to visit! Gola Gong runs this place, rite….will come and visit one day…

  2. Your boys are so precious. πŸ™‚ I can see from the pictures they’re a fun loving duo!
    Hey, congrats on the book, too. What a great milestone. You’ll keep us posted for when we can buy it?

    • Hi…. yes they r precious, bec all kids indeed precious. πŸ˜‰
      Yesterday the editor told me that now the script is beeing lay out. I cant wait, so curious. πŸ˜€

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