The Beauty of Malacca

As what I have said at the post before that I don’t have much time in Malacca. I arrived at Kuala Lumpur at 5 PM after the flight from Ho Chi Minh City – Vietnam on Tuesday, April 8th, 2014. I Chose to stay one night at Malacca, before going home at the next day.

From LCCT (Low Cost Carrier Terminal) of Kuala Lumpur International Airport, I went by bus to Kuala Lumpur, and turn at TBS Bus Terminal (Terminal Bersepadu Selatan). Then went to Malacca Central also by bus and turn at Malacca Central. The cost was 9MYR and 10MYR.

Malacca river at night

It was 9 PM when I arrived at Malacca Central, so there were no bus operated. I chose to go to The Old Town of Malacca by Taxi, and the cost were 20MYR. It was only need 30 minutes to get Jongker Street. I went straight to Vinz Hotel which it’s located in the heart of Malacca, within a minut walk to Jongker Street and Hard Rock Cafe. The rate was so expensive for me. 200MYR for family room, but I didn’t have any choice to look for hostel that cheaper than hotel. Yeah, I was so tired that night. Also my husband and 2 other friends.

At the next day, I went sightseeing around Stadhuys and Christ Chuch. It was sunny. The sky was so blue and clean. And here are some images I have taken.

A little garden around Stadhuys and Christ Church

Becak in front of Christ Church

I caught this bird before flying away

Miniature of Cheng Ho Ship

One of some bastions of Malacca

Just fell in love with this reflection

Riverside hotel and cafe

Waterwheel of Malacca Kingdom

The unique museum of ship


17 thoughts on “The Beauty of Malacca

  1. Malaca .. city filled with ancient buildings, antique and historic, and ancient ornaments., .. seemed to enter the current time machine menjejalahi this city ….
    keep happy blogging always…salam dari Makassar 🙂

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