Weekly Photo Challenge: Street Life



I’m traveling in Phnom Penh-Cambodia today. On the way from the airport to the hotel by tuk-tuk (a traditional public transport), I found several bad traffic. While its bad traffic, I tried to take some pictures of street life with my samsung smartphone. Many beggars, it is ranging from children to the elderly.

It remind me to my hometown, Jakarta. There are many beggars too in Jakarta. And it’s seems become a job that promise high income. Many of them who earn income exceeds the salary of civil servants. So, what about the beggars in Cambodia?


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24 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Street Life

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    • Yeps. It looks so contrast between the rich and the poor. The street full of luxury cars, while at the street side many begars waiting for red traffict light and action, asking some money for eating. 😦

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    • Iyaa… semrawut.
      Tapi bedanya klo pengemis di indonesia ini emg sengaja ngemis krn hasilnya gede lalu malas kerja. Tp klo kamboja nggak tau deh

      • Wkwkwk.. udah ada looh. Pengalaman waktu naik bis kota dr kebon jeruk ke Thamrin, ada pengemis bule. Ampun deh. Ganteng, bule, badan sehat kuat, ke jakarta kok ngemis. Alesannya dia pengusaha yg habis ditipu tmn org indonesia. Menyebalkaann

      • wuih bule ngemis? kalo dulu aku pernah lihatnya cina, masih muda ganteng, tapi sepertinya mental down, jadi ngemis. Itu di Pekalongan kejadianya, baru pertama kali lihat itu

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