One Word Photo Challenge: Black (Baduy Women)

Women in black

Gadis Penenun Baduy20130928_105349

About this Women

They are the faces of the women in Baduy tribe. A tribe in the interior province of Banten, Indonesia. They live in the woods, away from the bustle of a modern city. The men usually worked in the fields, while the women stay at home and busied herselves with making woven cloth. The clothes they wear should only be white or black. Except for the outer Baduy community, they are allowed to use any color clothing.

Baduy community settlements are divided into two parts, inner Baduy village and outer Baduy village. I took this photo at the outer Baduy village, because in the inner Baduy village, we are not allowed to take pictures. The Inner Baduy villages also do not want to accept foreign guests from abroad. This is in order to maintain the authenticity and preservation of their tribe from the outside world.

Their traditional life and their persistence in maintaining the cultural heritage of their ancestors became fascinating tourist attraction. Plus their local wisdom in preserving nature as a place of their lives. We will be fascinated by how beautiful forests, clear rivers, and the air is cool.

Baduy is located in Banten province, not far from Jakarta as the capital city of Indonesia. It takes about 3 hours from Jakarta, or 2 hours of Serang (Banten provincial capital) by train. Can be reached by driving up to the border outside Baduy village, then we had to walk on foot as far as 15 kilometers to reach Inner Baduy Village.


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11 thoughts on “One Word Photo Challenge: Black (Baduy Women)

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    • This tribe is nice indeed. Last september was the second I visit Kampoong Baduy, and I met some foreign tourist from French and Germany. Event they cant enter inner baduy village, but still outer village also beautiful 🙂

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