My Blessed Birthday

Frankly, I have to say thanks to Iva, for the challenge that she has made on her blog. But, before I tell her why, let me guess why did Iva chose BITRHDAY as the challenge, maybe her birthday was coming up soon. ??? Ok, back to the topic, about my blessed birthday that’s almost forgotten. The reason is simple, I never write about it. πŸ˜€ So, I think it’s a good idea to write about it for answering the challenge.

It’s about my last birthday (29th) in last January 2014. I felt so blessed because God answered my wish. I was so busy with my work at office, while many friends said happy birthday to me on my facebook wall and also by message to my phone, but I couldn’t answered it quickly. Then evening came, I read all the messages and answered it one by one. After that, as usual, something that I never forget to do everyday, checking my blog

I was curious with a comment left by someone on my page “just me”. She ask my email address because she want to discuss something with me. On the comment form, she left her email address, and when I saw it I was so surprised. Oh my God! The extension of her email is a name of big publisher.

I immediately send her an email without answered her comment on my blog. I was so excited. I thanked her for leaving a comment on my blog, and I asked why she needed my email. Next day, I got the email replied. What an unexpected! She introduced herself as an editor int the publishing. She said that she get interested with the stories on my blog, and offered me to publish it.

Oh, it’s hard to describe hot happy I am at that time. My dream will come true. I have a dream that someday, the stories of my journey with kids can be published in a book. I have ever tried to send some stories to a publisher but it rejected. Then I forget it and keep writing on my blog. So, even it never published as a book, still there are stories on my blog that can be read by my kids, later when they have grown.

So, it’s time to fight. Because the gift is such an opportunity to reach my dream. Write, write, write, and keep writing.


1911735_10202422084606422_91ff923884_nThis post is for Iva’s Awesome Birthday Challenge


17 thoughts on “My Blessed Birthday

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  2. Oh my God, I am so happy for you… πŸ˜€ And that happened on your birthday, how wonderful! Bloging means so much more than people think it does… And I would love to read your stories, where can I find them?

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