A week a photo challenge; Blue & White

One of many reason why I love the beach because it’s also the best place to enjoy the blue sky and white of clouds.

See this photos that I have taken at the island in Sunda Strait, on March 2013. It’s not only sky and clouds in blue and white, but also the sea, shells, and corals.


At Muara Angke pier, I found this blue and white from the boats. Although I was a bit disappointed because the sea and sky were grey, but the view after leaving the pier is so wonderful. Island Hopping is also the best way to enjoy a vacation. The gulf of Jakarta, April 2013.

Or also you may like this. It was taken with my samsung smartphone at Tanjung Bira, South Sulawesi. I call it paradise! September 2013.


Come and join us on a photo a week challenge…check the link here


12 thoughts on “A week a photo challenge; Blue & White

    • Ohoho.. wish you can pass this winter then go vacation to the beach next summer 😉
      thank you for stopping by here, nice to meet you

    • Hahaha.. so I’m lucky because it’s summer along the year. Emm.. I mean there is no winter and I’m dreaming to play with snow.
      maybe we should do an exchange for a while 😉

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