A Photo a Week Challenge: From Color to B&W

As Nancy Merrill said on her blog for a photo a week challenge,

“With so many photo editing programs out there, it’s really easy to manipulate and change images on the a computer. One of the basic changes we can make is to change a photo from color to black and white.”

Yea, editing a photo before posting it to blog is a must for me. I used to edit a photo at picmonkey.com, an online photo editor that very easy to use, with many effects, frames, text, and filters.

So, here’s mine.

BeachI took this picture at Sebuku Island, an island in Sunda Strait. This island is close to Krakatoa, the most famous volcano mountain in Indonesia.

Beach BWAnd here’s the photo after choosing Black and White Effect.

Beach with holga effectI also tried other effect that can change the color to B&W, and this effect is Holga.

beach HDRHow do you think about this last B&W. When I see it, I feel back to the past where it decades or maybe a hundred years ago. This is the result after combining B&W and HDR effects.


Come and join us on a photo a week challenge…check the link here.

20 Comments Add yours

  1. bluebee says:

    Love the angle of view of this photo. And the mood of the holga effect.

    1. noe says:

      Thank ypu bluebee 🙂

  2. restlessjo says:

    Which one do you prefer? It’s a stunning shot and I totally prefer the original. I’m no big fan of editing though I appreciate what is possible these days. That’s why my shots are a little “ragged”. I don’t have the patience or time. Nice meeting you, anyway. 🙂

    1. noe says:

      So do I. I prefer the original one.
      Noce to know you too, Reslessjo. After this, I’ll see you trough your blog 😉

  3. indahjuli says:

    Mau banget bisa mengolah foto-foto yang kuambil bisa keren seperti ini, tapi suka malas belajar 🙂

    1. noe says:

      Waah kebalikan yaa.. aku malah seneng kalo menemukan dan belajar hal baru untuk endukung hobi. Atai yg sesuai ama passion deh. 😀

  4. Lusi says:

    Untuk fun pictures di blog aku suka pakai picmonkey gini drpd plixr, lebih mudah. Dulu yang ngasih tau mak Isnuansa. Tapi utk foto jualan tetep pake photoshop

    1. noe says:

      Aku ngga iso sotosop itu.. huhuu.. kalo bisa pakenya pasti cobain jg. Di rumah aku biasa pake yg offline itu apa namanya lali

  5. Preeti says:

    Lovely..the original was very good. And you’ve surely done justice to Nancy with the three variants…and each has a different feel to it.

    1. noe says:

      Thank you, Preeti. Yea, The original was very good. Some place that I love the most 🙂

  6. E. Novia says:

    uhuy, dari travelling sekarang jadi fotografer ya, Mbak.

    editannya bagus, Mbak ^^

    1. noe says:

      Aah bisa aja… bukan fotografer, cuma aspret ajaa 😉
      makasiiihhh :*

  7. These are all great! Thanks for joining the challenge.

    1. noe says:

      Oh Thank you, Nancy, doe your appreciation. 🙂

  8. kereeeen ini….aku belum ikutan masih sibuk kampanye 😛

    1. noe says:

      Good Luck mak Salma, aku mendukungmu sepenuhnyaa

  9. Mugniar says:

    Cantik … cantik …cantik … saya suka
    *ala logat Ipin – Upin dan Memey*
    Keren mak 🙂

    1. noe says:

      xixixi… ada tokoh kartun dr seberang..
      makasih loh maak 😉

    1. noe says:

      Thank you 🙂

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