Wordless Wednesday; Sunrise

I’m longing for beautiful sunrise which I used to see every morning from a little garden near my home. Since a few months ago when Indonesia entered the rainy season, I can’t see this beautiful sunrise because it’s cloudy. And the hardest part of this rainy season is the flood which occurred in many cities. But, we shouldn’t hate the rain. It’s the same with condemned the God, isn’t it?

sunrise 1 sunrise 2sunrise 3

Even so, the sun never reneged on its promises.
It always comes in every single morning and gives us a new hopes.
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33 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday; Sunrise

  1. So, now I know πŸ™‚ And very beautiful! I hope your rainy season is drawing to a close without too much damage. Here in England has been a disastrous year for floods, though not in my own area.

    • I thanks ti God that rainy season has ended now, and the flood has already receding.
      But some volcanoes are erupting here. Apparently a disaster could happen anywhere and whenever. including in England. Hopefully, we can always survive πŸ™‚

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