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Weekly Photo Challenge: Optimistic

This week’s challenge is so interesting for me. Optimistic! It makes me want to write about the sights that I got when I was going to sail from the Port of Tanjung Bira to Selayar Islands, at the end of 2014 ago. Not far from the pier, I saw some moored boats on the calm…


Weekly Photo Challenge: Alphabet

Can the deers read the directions? Can they find their way home? Are they looking for a forest? Or a farmer’s yard which is full of cucumbers? Well, it’s just my random thought everytime I see this image. It was taken from Malacca, last year when I was having a trip with my family and…

Carrying heavy laundry basket

Weekly Photo Challenge: Weight(less)

I suddenly remember about sapo, when I read the theme of weekly photo challenge on the dailypost. Sapo is the name of the old houses at Bitombang village. I have written about this village on this blog, titled The Old Village of Bitombang. As you can see on the pictures above, houses and everything in…


Shots of Abyan in Singapura

At the end of March 2015, I went to Singapura, Malaysia, and Aceh (the westernmost province of Indonesia) for family trip. At that journey, I found the new passion of my 6 years old boy. He got interested in photography! Fortunately I brought a pocket camera that I did not used anymore since I bought…


Weekly Photo Challenge: Afloat

Here is the photo of my son. Last week on the beach, he asked me to take his picture while he jumped and threw a handful of sand into the air. So I think this photo is suitable to meet the challenge of the daily post for this week’s theme: Afloat.


Mount Krakatoa

It has been so long since I promised Sreejith to write about Mount Krakatoa. And…because the promise is something that must be fulfilled, so now let me open again my dictionary and write in english.😀 I have visited Mt. Krakatoa for three times, and it’s awesome as always. But I won’t go there anymore because…